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As the years unfold, fashion in the Philippines is beginning to take its rightful place in the clothing industry. Filipino designers from all over the world are bringing pride to our country, which makes the Philippine fashion industry slowly gain recognition, establishing high fashion clothing and boutique store in Makati​ ​and all over the country. 

The fashion trends of Filipinos are influenced by many cultures. From the Archaic epoch in the 10th century displaying detailed beadworks sewn on loincloths to the modern “minimalist-maximalist” apparels of today’s era that are influenced by American, European, and Asian pop society. To say that the Philippine culture is diverse and exciting is an understatement. 


The Influence of Clothes and Fashion 

Fashion is not just about wearing expensive brands and the latest trends. Fashion is also about who you are. Your personality. Your essence. It is a form of art in the sense that the artwork is yourself, while the medium of creating the artistry is the clothes. Although not all may appreciate it, there is no denying the fact about how impactful clothes are, especially during first impressions. 

  • Clothes may determine your chances of getting accepted to a job one has applied for. 
  • It can be used to collectively unite people in public facilities such as school, workplace, etc. through uniforms. 
  • Wearing the right clothes can boost one’s self-esteem. 
  • And it may sound stereotypical, but wearing the proper outfit may change the way 
  • people think about you. 
  • How you choose clothes and how you wear them can be a representation of your current mood. 


New Era in Philippine Fashion Industry 

While most Filipinos are conservative when it comes to dressing up, with the influence of modernity and social media, some citizens are slowly embracing a divergent fashion statement. With an intense pursuit of self-expression and recognition, artists in line with the fashion industry are exhibiting their masterpieces in local and overseas stores. 

Idée Clothing Store is a credible fashion chain that showcases raw talents in the fashion industry. Some of our designers are: 


Idée Staples 

Flaunting straightforward pieces of clothing but in a chic and material-detailed way - a clothing line that is versatile and classic. 

Renan Pacson + Idée 

A Japanese-inspired collection, finding common ground between playfulness and seriousness, this label exudes authenticity and practicality. 

Zenaida Celdran + Idée 

“Style, comfort, and sophistication”, a bespoke fashion for women, incorporating modern and classic style to create a timeless masterpiece. 

Demetria + Idée

Modern yet timeless. Structured but soft. Philippine artistry with Italian leather craftsmanship. These contrasts come together once again in the beautiful mix that is the Demetria x Idée Collection. 

If you want to own unique and stylish pieces of clothing by top designers, Idée Clothing Store is the place to be, visit us at our ​boutique store in Makati​. Idée carries labels from  Bea Valdes​, ERA,​ ​Liñon,​ and ​Pinka Winka.​ Visit our website today and view our gallery of chic clothes for men and women - ​https://ideeclothingstore.com/​.

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