Idée Clothing Store: Top 10 Timeless Collections

Idée Clothing Store: Top 10 Timeless Collections

Fashion has always been an accessory for self-expression not only for women but also for those who appreciate the art of garment styling. Although fashion is ever-changing, it always goes in a repetitive cycle. As the decade unfolds, fashion designers and style enthusiasts are excited for this year's fashion week season. Just recently, some of the top brands and clothing store in the fashion industry have displayed a plethora of astonishing outfits that range from futuristic, to present and retro designs from different eras. Other designers even subtly coalesced contrasting style to achieve modern apparel but with a touch of nostalgia.

From the intricate details of design concepts, down to the type of materials used and the technique of bringing designs to actuality, Idée Clothing Store is one of the promising fashion labels in the Philippines. And as a tribute to fashion, here are the top ten timeless collections.

For Women

Wrap and Pleats in Dresses

Wrap Dresses and Tops – a classic design from the '70s, it is described as a piece of clothing that overlaps across the other side, enclosed by a knot to complete the look. Most Wrap Dresses and Tops are made from cotton silk materials.

Pleats – doubling of fabrics into neat folds, pleats are used from clothing to tapestries. Aside from the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing, pleats also promote movement in clothes.


Little Red Dress – while it's common for women to own a black dress, the second most sought-after color in clothes is the color red. It is a timeless piece of clothing for it can be used for many occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s dates, on social events, and even for the yuletide season. Idée Clothing Store displays chic designer dresses made from gazaar, denim, to cotton silk fabrics.


For Men and Women

Collars – are neck bands that are attached to the neckline of shirts. Collared shirts for men and women are considered as a formal and smart casual attire, for it helps create structure in the fabric and frames the face of the wearer. Collared tops and button-ups are standard in business attires for the form exude in prominence and sophistication making it an outfit that never goes out of style.


Denim Jackets – an American pride, denim jackets have come a long way since its conception in the 1880s. The best part about wearing denim jackets is that it provides insulation and protection against harsh weathers. The trends of denim jackets today display innovative designs such as hand-painted artworks and a variety of embellishment to make the garment personalized and distinct.


Idée excels in providing chic and timeless collections for both men and women. All items in our clothing store are crafted to perfection by top designers. You can visit our showroom at Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, Philippines. For online purchases, logon to Idée Clothing Store website at

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