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italian leather bags

You carry it, sling it across your body, hang it on your shoulders, and haul it on your back. Bags are among the essential accessories ever invented. Did you know that a person’s characteristics may be determined by what type of bag they are sporting? That is how significant and personalized these satchels are in our lifestyle. Aside from the standard canvas and vinyl bags, leather is a popular material used for bags, and that Italian leather bags are distinguished from all over the world. 


How to Identify Premium Quality Italian Leather Bags 

Inspect the Surface – premium quality Italian leather bags should have smooth surfaces and the right elasticity. Feel the materials and inspect it. It should have cracks and wrinkles for it is made from animal skin – soft but sturdy altogether. It should also have tiny pores that absorb moisture and should have a musty smell, rich in earthy aroma, with a hint of sweet scent. 

Consider the Thread – Most bags are created and joined together by stitching. A good thread fitting to bind leather materials should have the proper thickness and strength. Premium quality Italian leather bags are stitched with linen thread for it is natural and resilient to breakage. 

Mind the Edges genuine leather has a natural way of absorbing moisture. To avoid decay, leather products must undergo burnishing or polishing. Premium Italian leather bags have painted and furbished edges and gaps to ensure durability and refinement. 

Imitation leather bags are rampant but if you want to own leather bags, always be observant of the tiny details that comprise the best qualities of premium leather bags. 


How Italian Leather Bags Are Made 

The method of creating leather is done through a natural process. Hides develop with the aid of vegetable or chrome dye treatment, and either way, both approaches are viable. Experts can tell whether which method is used on leather products, for they leave noticeable impressions on the product. 

Vegetable type treated leather ages beautifully when exposed to sunlight over the course of time. In contrast, Chrome type leather has a faint distinctive smell and creates different kinds of shade, unlike vegetable-type where it is usually tan in colour.

Leather manufacturers in Italy make sure that each product exceeds the standards. Most people purchase leather bags compared to others, for it is the kind of material that is sustainable, functional, and stylish at the same time. If you own genuine Italian leather bags, then consider yourself fortunate for it is a timeless accessory. 

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