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Bea Valdes

She is known in international fashion circles for creating clothes of the finest handiwork, for marrying design and color forwardness with classical lines and feminine silhouettes, for dressing wearability with sophistication. Even after several collaborations with Idée, Bea Valdes continues to surprise us and the latest collection is no exception. It comprises beautiful pieces that reflect her special touch in details such as pleats, patches, and floral applique, as well as in fabric choices such as her trademark handpainted denim. Women who appreciate fashion that is unexpected, similar to art pieces, sometimes even playful, will be delighted with the trendy midi dresses and puffed sleeves in silk and linen. Others will be drawn to choices that subtly reflect their sense of quiet power, passion, and creativity. Bea Valdes + Idée have something unique and perfect for every occasion.