For the present offering, the compact Demi and lush Bucket bags are wearing fresh looks with new color combinations and exquisite embroidery patterns. “One notable thing here is the collaboration between the Filipino and Italian artisans,” says designer Mai Cojuangco. “The leather panels from Italy were brought to the Philippines to be embroidered, then brought back to Florence to be mounted and constructed.”

The Demi bags, referred to as the “embroidery” series, come in four distinct designs created by Cojuangco: the first features elements inspired by sunburst and beams, in brightly contrasting color combinations, while the second has clean lines in geometric patterns. For those who prefer a feminine touch, one of the four designs offers dainty floral patterns in vibrant hues that can match varied outfits, from casual to formal chic. The last design is abstract art originally drawn by hand, stitched in radiant shades to reflect every mood.